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Chattanooga's Finest?

So, I need to vent a little. Got a call from our alert system at work this morning around 1:45. It said the temperature in the computer room was high. Since there is about a half-million dollars worth of equipment in the room I got dressed and headed in to see what was the problem. Yeah, I was in a hurry, but I got a call from the guard who had managed to get the computer room door open and had strategically placed some box fans so that some cooling air would get it to the room and stabilize things.

So, I wasn't in a hurry anymore. I was making my way up S. Broad Street in Chattanooga, a nice, divided 4-lane highway. I was doing about 45 mph on a highway where normal traffic runs 50. The patrol car was parked in a dark lot and I was the only vehicle on the road at the time so when he started moving, I knew he was after me.

I pulled over and the officer approached and informed me that he pulled me over for doing 46 in a 35! He asked me how long it had been since I had gotten a ticket. I told him about 12-13 years. Why do cops ask such questions? I thought maybe with a question like that he might figure I didn't get tickets regularly and that maybe he would run my license and tag through the system, find no problems then let me go, or give me a warning or something. But then another cop car pulled in behind -- I suppose I looked like a terrorist or something -- and after about 15 minutes of wasted time, the first cop reappeared with the ticket for me to sign.

So, to the Chattanooga cop who scribbled his name and badge number so as not to be legible, thanks for not giving a poor working stiff a break! I was stone sober, didn't give you a hard time, any lip or any reason to suspect that I was up to something. You could have done the decent thing and let it slide, but thanks to you, I'm sure I'll owe the City $150 or so.

Too bad the cops didn't see me almost get killed in a near head-on collision on St. Elmo Avenue just 3 minutes earlier by an obviously drunk driver in a red Camaro running at least 60 mph. I literally had to pull up on the sidewalk to avoid him.

I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! Too bad that the cop was too!

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