Central of Georgia Steam Locomotive 58 Central of Georgia Locomotive 401 Central of Georgia Locomotive 776 Central of Georgia Locomotive 486 Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Steam Train at Summerville, Georgia, Depot

King and Queen for a Day

I think Mary makes me do stuff like this just to prove she can. But I do it anyway.

This was taken at our church's (Chattanooga Valley Baptist) annual Trunk or Treat night. Hundreds of area kids walk around our walking track to collect candy. It's one of our biggest ministries!

The Colonel and A Duck

My brother-in-law, Lt. Col. Larry Alexander (ret.), and his wife, Carolyn, came up a couple of weeks ago and we took them to ride the Chattanooga Ducks. These are WWII era amphibious vehicles that have been restored and put into use as a tourist attraction, not only in Chattanooga but in many other cities. Larry really seemed to enjoy himself and it was the perfect weather day to hit the Tennessee River!

Our Place Has A Name

Since we paid off the mortgage on our house last October, we've been debt free! I've always wanted to give our humble estate a name but could never quite come up with one I liked enough. But now the wait is over!

The new name for our place is "Pagado". It's a Spanish word the roughly translates into English as "paid for". That's fitting, I think.

We even had a sign made and placed it at the driveway entrance.

The Eagles

We went with our friends, Sheila and Greg, to spend the weekend in Birmingham and to see The Eagles in concert at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center. Even though our seats were to the side and slightly to the rear of the stage, they were great seats. And take it from an anal-retentive technical geek. The sound quality was phenomenal!

The only down side was the thirty-somethings behind us that talked to each other, above the music, and yakked on their cell phones the whole first part of a nearly three-hour concert. We found a good place to hide their bodies during the intermission, however, and the second half was even better! Picture quality is not good but the best my Blackberry could do...

Who Says Dede's Can't Be Fun?

Meg's birthday is the day after mine. We partied hard!

Fall Colors

The changing leaves have been particularly colorful this fall. I snapped a few pictures of our place.

Free at last, free at last! Praise God we're free at last!

Just made the last payment on our house mortgage! We are debt free! Woo-hoo!

There's no place like !

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Welcome to the official Harpswitch Weblog. I can't imagine that there is an unofficial one!

I really don't have all that much to say these days, but doing the 'blog' thing seems to be all the rage lately so I figured 'why not'. Anyway, it gives me a chance to play around with some cool open-source software. I'm using Drupal. Running, of course, on my faithful Linux box. Maybe one of my 'low-cost' clients will want a blog on their website someday and at least I'll be able to say I've done one.

Check back from time to time and maybe I'll have something interesting to say, but that's not the safe way to bet!


"Bo" Knows

In October, we took a four day tour of New York City. On the flight up from Atlanta to Newark, guess who was on the plane with us? Yep, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Bo Diddley. So cool to meet such an icon...


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