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Honoring A True Hero

I asked my good friend Vic, at Apollo Laser Engraving, to make this plaque for my brother-in-law, Larry Alexander.

Larry lives in Seale, Alabama, and served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. His job was to land in hot LZ's in Vietnam, with the enemy firing at him, and drop off soldiers. He would return, over and over again, to pick up the same soldiers - some wounded, some dead.
Larry is very proud of his service to his country and he spends considerable time and his hard-earned money helping to make sure that our Vietnam-era veterans are not forgotten. Each Labor Day, Larry and his wife, Carolyn, host a big barbecue on their farm and invite over 100 guests. Many are fellow Vietnam vets and many bear the scars of their service. It is an honor to be in their presence each year and I am deeply grateful for their service and sacrifice.
And thank you, Larry, for helping us not to forget!

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