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A Very Long Weekend

We spent the weekend in Columbus, Mississippi, putting together a playground for our granddaughters. It turned out pretty good!

Mimi bought the kit at Lowe's and Jason picked it up. Basically a few boxes with parts and connectors and a big pile of lumber! We worked from early Saturday until late Sunday then a 4 1/2 drive back home. We got home about 1:00 a.m. and had to work the next day. But it was worth it!

A Place for Our Stuff (and Some Books, Too)

I love books. I especially love hardcover books. Mary likes stuff. We needed a place for my books and Mary needed a place for her stuff (and a few books, too). I've always wanted a big, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with a rolling ladder so, after the recent re-model, I built one!

This thing is ten feet high and ten feet wide and 12" deep. It has adjustable shelves on old-fashioned library standards and no exposed fasteners. The vertical supports and top are made from 10' long 3/4" birch MDF plywood (thank you Chattanooga Hardwood). The shelves are 3/4" birch plywood with solid maple front and back stiffeners. The fluted front trim is from Lowe's with the exception of the carved pieces at the top which I ordered custom made.

The ladder was made entirely from hardwood flooring strips leftover from the recent house re-model. I had a really hard time finding traditional rolling ladder hardware and what I did find was very expensive so I made my own. The bar is 1" square aluminum I bought from The Steel Store, in Chattanooga. I ordered the v-groove roller bearings online and made the mounts myself. This was a big project and took a couple of months to finish.

Several people have asked me to build them one. Sure, I'll be glad to. In my spare time. $25,000 each. For relatives, $30,000 and up depending on attitude. 100% deposit required. No checks, please.

The Great Flood of 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010 - A day (around our household) that will live in infamy.

It was a rather pleasant day. I had stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and was bringing a couple bags in from the car. When I opened the back door I heard water running. Thinking the toilet was running in the adjacent 1/2 bath I flipped on the light but saw nothing. Stepping back into the entrance there was just enough light emanating from the bathroom light to illuminate what could only be described as a 1" deep lake in my kitchen. A hose on the washing machine, in the laundry room, had sprang a small leak from a crack near the end of the hose, probably early that morning after leaving for work. The leak grew through the day, becoming a pretty good stream. Now, when I built the house I planned for such a contingency. The floor of the laundry room was tiled with a nice, big, working floor drain. But Mr. Murphy must have stopped by and made sure that the leak, instead of running down the hose and onto the floor and out the drain, formed a geyser that produced a rather impressive six-foot arc of water that ended precisely in the middle of the oak-parquet kitchen floor!

Let It Snow!

Snow Day! 8-10" in some places.

The Best Part Is All The Ice Cream!

Our little Meg had her tonsils out. After it was over she said, "That's not happening again"!

Christmas Time with Mimi

Our good friend Mimi, still spry and young even in her eighties! Proof that there is still some semblance of Southern charm and grace left (even if she is a Yankee!).

Mohawk (a.k.a. Mr. Mo, Mo-Mo, Mosephus, Mosee)

This is our tiny, little kitten, Mohawk (we mostly call him Mo-Mo). No one believes how big he is so we sat him down next to a yard stick and took a picture. He was totally unimpressed...

Thank You! Thank You Very Much!

We went to Columbus, Mississippi, over the weekend to visit our daughter and grand-babies. We took a trip to Tupelo and we went to visit Elvis Presley's birthplace. The porch is about as big as the rest of the house!

Then we went to the big mall in Tupelo. I sat out in the "Old Men's" section of the mall, wishing for a pair of velcro-strap tennis shoes, while the girl's shopped. I met the nicest man. He was an elderly, distinguished-looking black man who said he spent a lot of time at the mall just watching people and talking to people, especially kids. I didn't find out until just before we parted company that he was a minister. He came to the mall several times a week and would spend his day engaging people in conversation and somehow manage to not let them leave before he told them about Jesus Christ. Simple but very effective. I wonder how many people owe their souls to this dear man? And from the looks of some of the young people there at the mall, he may be the only Jesus any of them ever see.

God bless him...

Mary's New Toy

We bought a golf cart! We bought a used (2004) Club Car with a utility bed. This will come in handy for all kinds of chores around the 'estate'. And the kids (young and old) love it, too! Everyone was home for Thanksgiving and it got a real workout.

Mary named it, Tiger.

Larry's Got Big Nuts!

We just spent one of the most enjoyable weekends at Eagle's Landing Farm, in Seale, Alabama. Mary's sister, Carolyn, and her husband, Larry, live there and invited us down of a weekend of "doing as little as possible". I enjoyed every minute of it!
Carolyn and Larry just bought some acreage adjacent to their farm. The land belonged to Mrs. Persons, who recently passed away at the ripe, old age of 106! She had promised right of first refusal to them many, many years ago. Mrs. Persons had not lived on the land for several years and the long-neglected homestead had to be torn down. Around the perimeter of the old homeplace are three of the largest pecan trees I've ever seen. One of the trees measures almost 12' in circumference! Along with the old house, the pecan trees had been neglected and ignored for many years and were rather anemic and produced very little fruit. But Larry, being the agricultural genius he is, spent a considerable amount of time and money last year adding fertilizer, trace minerals and nutrients to the soil around the trees and boy, did it pay off! Just to prove it, here is a picture of Larry, Carolyn and Mary with Larry's big nuts!


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